Pharmaceutical lunch menu ideas


Chicken enchiladas OR chicken, ground beef or shrimp fajitas

Cilantro Lime Spanish rice

Black bean, corn, avocado, red peppers, and tomatoes salsa



Asian serves 10-12

Marinated pork stir fry

Beef with broccoli OR

Sesame chicken

Veggie fried rice


Italian serves 10-12

Baked spaghetti with or without meat sauce

Blackened chicken fettucine Alfredo

Garlic bread and Green salad with dressings


American serves 10-12 ( pick a meat, veg and starch )

Chicken breast –plain, grilled, roasted, piccata, parmesan, garlic

Marinated pork tenderloin

Assorted veggies- broccoli, mixed veg, asparagus, green beans with bacon, Brussel sprouts

Assorted starches- rosemary roasted potatoes, garlic cheddar mashed potatoes,

Green salad


Salads serves 10-12

Large Cobb salad –avocado, tomato, bacon, chicken, egg, olives, bleu cheese

Large grilled chicken salad with tomato, cucumber, bacon and croutons

Chicken salad- grapes, almonds and celery- served with crackers

Seafood salad –celery, red pepper and mixed seafood –served with crackers



Mini sands- Smoked Turkey with Gouda, Black Forest Ham with baby Swiss, Roast Beef with cheddar

Sides – Cole slaw, Greek feta cucumber salad, dill red potato salad, yellow potato salad, assorted chips, pasta salad



Assorted homemade cookies, triple chocolate brownie tray, mini muffins or cupcakes, or fresh fruit


Price varies based on combination of choices, but will be between $10-$12 a per plus tax, free delivery in Paducah